Working in a Crisis is like training – if everything is done correctly, the bar is ALWAYS heavy. If done correctly, it is difficult from step one, and it will not become easier over time. I don’t want things to be easy. I don’t save for retirement and I don’t expect to figure everything out.

I am annoyed by those who talk about change. They want to start a business, find a girlfriend, get in shape, change their career… They will do it all, BUT not now. It is never the right time for them. I’ve met enough people in my life to recognize those who will go somewhere and those who will die dreaming. I can sense a bulsh*tt talk from a mile away. Oh, those talkers… all they do is talk, talk, talk… Also, there are posers – people who pretend to be someone that they are not. Disgusting! It is obvious to me that there is nothing to do with those people – it’s inside of me. They are just the mirrors that reflect me to me. I don’t like such an ugly reflection. It taught me to not talk about my plans or the things I want or will do. I will keep my mouth shut and let my actions speak for myself. I will not be one of those talkers. I am will be known as a man of action. I already proved a lot to many people. It’s time to graduate from seeking people’s approval. I am my own quality control. I am my own bulsh*tt sensor. I don’t have a desire to impress anyone or be accepted by those who care less about me. What a waste of time!

Everyone can be anyone.

Every major change in my life was a result of me taking action. Not me thinking about taking action or planning to take action. Change has never come from me talking about change. Change never came from understanding the process, or knowledge of how things work. It was always that ACTION that initiated a change. Confident. Bold. Spontaneous. I don’t need to be ready to start acting. I will figure it out along the way. I always did. I am a fast learner.

My mission in life as a human being is to learn. I am a forever student on this planet and in this body. I learned many lessons since I left Toronto in August 2020. It was a hell of a journey. Very transformative. Kelowna was an amazing transition stage for me. It is time to go. I want to go.

Perhaps, only after you learned lessons that the Universe gave you, only after you passed the tests, only then you are allowed to move on to the next chapter in life. I don’t expect things to get easier. They won’t and lessons will become harder and more complex. I wonder how far can I go. How many things can I learn and figure out in my life? This principle applies to literally everything. Career, relationships, etc. If you feel stuck, perhaps you are not learning the lesson. Perhaps you resist something that you secretly know needs to be done. Perhaps you chose to avoid a painful experience or a hard decision. 

I want to change. I want to be different. I am asking for an assignment that I am totally underqualified for. I want a task to exceed my current skills and capabilities.

My brain loves to consume new information. Reading books, taking classes feels good. Studying makes me feel smart and valuable. Good boy! There are a lot of overeducated people in the World. All they do is talk. They sound very smart. They propose great things. However, if you asked such a crowd: “Those who are ready to dedicate time and energy to make this happen, Step forward!”, you will find out that no one wants to take action. 

It takes courage to get out there and DO things. Isn’t it? It’s easy to plan and contemplate. My brain does not like to use new information. Action is hard. The action takes energy. Energy is a renewable resource, but time is not. Don’t save the energy for later and don’t waste energy worrying and thinking what if. Instead, DO something to increase your chances for success.