Cozumel, Mexico

Groundhog Day “...he lives the same day again and again while retaining the memory of each iteration that he has lived before…” He feels like every other day is just like the previous one. Life loses its colors. His energy level go low. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. He falls asleep. He forgets what's … Continue reading Cozumel, Mexico

Body & Mind Tempering

I am a strong believer in the power of mind. Strong mind as important as a strong healthy body. It is what makes elite the elite, either in sport, business or life in general. Below I share a simple technique that will improve your mental toughness, will make you healthier and will boost you with … Continue reading Body & Mind Tempering

Wake up the Animal: Cycling VO2 Max Test

Winter is coming and all Canadian Bears submerge in their caves. Me too. Me and Blake decided to shuffle around several things in our lives and cut out unnecessary things. To spend the winter I found a dark, cozy cave for us - a pain cave. Unlike bears, I won’t have time to sleep this … Continue reading Wake up the Animal: Cycling VO2 Max Test

Followup Appointment: Back to Business

Today I met with my surgeon to see how the recovery is going. I was secretly hoping to hear it goes better than expected and I can return to my training. X-Ray pictures, then range of motion assessment... impressive! What? October 29 (4 weeks later) October 1st Indeed, I’m healing really fast and haven’t lost … Continue reading Followup Appointment: Back to Business


Spartan Racing is not my specialty and often compromises my performance in triathlon, but still I do it.Why? To spice up my life and training by doing something different and fun. To get a sense of competition.  To get outdoors and explore new places, new cities, meet new people.  To get an extra mini-achievement under my … Continue reading SPARTAN RACE TRIFECTA: ONTARIO 21KM BEAST

OVERTRAINING: §1 A New Chapter

- I can not continue like this... ENOUGH!- I am sick to my stomach. Few days ago, after the awful bike performance, I said to myself ENOUGH! I decided I will do something different. I can't continue like this any longer... The things I did differently for this workout:Instead of training in the morning, I … Continue reading OVERTRAINING: §1 A New Chapter

OVERTRAINING: §2 Count your Losses

Training Peaks Metrics If you can’t measure it, you can not manage it. Luckily we live in the world where we have access to technology that allows us to measure different body metrics. This is especially helpful for athletes who are looking to understand their bodies more. Of course, you should not solely rely on … Continue reading OVERTRAINING: §2 Count your Losses