IRONMAN 70.3 | Muskoka

PRE-RACE Instead of staying at hotel or Airbnb, me and my brother Stepan, who is visiting me from Ukraine, decided we will more enjoy camping. The tent was set up at the Arrowhead Campground, which is about 15 minutes driving from the race venue. This is a huge campground and the campsites are not cheap. … Continue reading IRONMAN 70.3 | Muskoka

Fueling During

Energy expenditure is extremely high in endurance sports and a lot of athletes are failing to adequately fuel their bodies. Under-eating is commonly seen among endurance athletes. Hydration During Exercise Hydration is a complex topic and deserves a special attention. Hydration before, during and after exercise is discussed in the post that can be accessed … Continue reading Fueling During

Performance Oriented Hydration Guidelines for Athletes

Do you want to get the taste of every shade of pain? I've got a perfect recipe for you - get yourself dehydrated. All you need is to lose just 1%-2% worth of your body's weight through the fluid loss. Here is how you do it: wake up early in the morning to get that … Continue reading Performance Oriented Hydration Guidelines for Athletes