Quotes & Notes

Помни – ум это биокомпьютер. Ум абсолютно не оригинален. Если ты не выйдешь за пределы ума, ты будешь жить как машина – автоматически реагируя на внешние раздражители. 

Remember – your mind is a biocomputer. The mind is not ingenious. If you don’t grow outside of your mind – you will live as a machine, automatically reacting to external stimuli.

Делай как можно больше ошибок, но никогда не повторяй одну и ту же ошибку дважды. Только так ты будешь расти.

Make as many mistakes as possible, however NEVER repeat the same mistake twice. This is the only way to grow.


Каждый способен быть несчастным. Это может любой дурак и для этого ничего не нужно. Быть несчастным значит быть слабым. Требуется мужество быть счастливым.

Anyone can be unhappy – it’s easy and every idiot can do that. Being unhappy means being weak. You got to have a courage to be happy


Being busy is a form of laziness.

You got to train yourself not to quit based on instinct.

What you do is more I than How you do it.

Just-In-Case vs. Just-In-Time Learning
Focus only on the information RELEVANT to you at this point of time in your life. Don’t learn things “just-in-case”, the case will never come.

Learning means Failing. To learn how to do anything, wether it to invest or start the business you need to fail. The question is not IF you fail, but WHEN?
Therefore make sure when you do fail, you fail safe. Develop the plan on how you will fail and be ready.

Fertile soil is essential, but not mandatory, for growth of strong and healthy crops. Developed countries like USA or Canada are lands rich in opportunities (nutrients). If used wisely, farmer (you) will grow his tree (dream) as tall and strong as it can get, living to its full potential.

Work to learn – don’t work for money”, (Roberts Kiyosaki)
Seek work for what you can learn from it, for the person you can become. Don’t search work only out money.

Ideal time to exercise is in the morning. Kick start your mind and metabolism.

Be a student. Always ask, what can I learn from this?

Anxiety is the indication that you don’t have your goals clearly set. If you feel anxious, you don’t know where you are going. Give your brain a clear direction to follow and command “Go! Navigate”.

Anxiety is unused mental energy (the excess of it). You feel peaceful and relaxed after the test at school. You feel calm after completing some hard mental work. You then can finally sit back and relax. Find a way to use your mental energy productively. Exhaust your brain and don’t leave it a chance to cause you anxiety.

MIT. The most important task of the day has to be completed first. What is your MIT for today?

Color coding is a technique used to help people with ADD (attention deficit disorder) focus. Use it with your emails, calendar, notes etc. Focus is everything.

The Law of Compensation:
and you shall RECEIVE. However, giving to receive is stealing.

The Law of Compensation:
The highest price you can pay for a thing is to ask for it.

The Law of Compensation:
Every benefit we receive must be rendered again, line in line, deed for deed, cent for cent to someone.

The Law of Compensation:
Every benefit comes with tax.

Everything in outside of your world, once started on the inside. You are going towards where you focus.

The more I learn about human beings, the more I realize, how selfish they are. Not on purpose, but by nature. Everything they do, they do out of self-interest, more often unconsciously. Even the greatest “gifts”, giveaways or donations were done out of personal self interest.

Don’t use your past to drag you back remembering all the failures you had. Instead think of all the hardships you went through, remind yourself of all your accomplishments. Use your past to push you forward.
Don’t think of all the things that might go wrong in future. Don’t abuse your mind with worrying about the future. Imagine vividly your success. Create a picture of yourself in future accomplishing everything you ever wished for. Use the power of future to pull you towards your dreams.
Push and Pull! Not a step back, only forward.

Leaders work ON the process, not IN the process.

In world of Elite – keep your word. Do you want to be one of the elite, either in training, business, life? Keep your word. You said it, you did it. It’s all that matters

Light is the absence of Darkness.

When the game is over, it all goes back in the box.

John Ortberg

Sadness, frustration, disappointment, depression make happiness and joy possible. Appreciate hard feelings and emotions as they allow you to feel good. Don’t run away from sadness, but rather run towards. Fully experience and embrace them. Just like your taste receptors allow you to enjoy the yummy ice cream or cake, allow your soul experience depression from every side of it, from every angle. Be sad as hard as you can, with every cell in your body. Cry, scream, swear. Do it all. When it’s over, pick yourself up of the ground, wipe your tears and come out on the other side wiser, happier and energized.

Thinking is the process of asking questions. Everything starts with a question.

When Blake receives a tasty treat he doesn’t eat it right away. He doesn’t enjoy it, but instead he gets stressed. Instantly he begin searching for secure place to hide it. He saves it for later instead of enjoying it right here, right now. No one thought him this, it’s in his genes, it is natural. When I see a beautiful landscape, the scenery that amazes me, a sports car that I never seen before, I take a picture of it.I try to capture it, to save it, to make it part of me. When I get a chunky bonus at work or receive unexpected treat in the form of money. I do the same, I am looking for secure place to save it. Me, Blake and billions people over the world are sharing this built in instinct. I am aware of it now. What do I do about it?

I welcome the mistakes I make. I get grateful and excited as I know I’m on the path of learning and growing.

How much good you bring into the world determines how much money you make.

No one know what’s going on. Everything is a mystery and opened for interpretation. 

The E-Myth

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.


You can’t win a million without buying a ticket.

Roger Falcione

You get everything you ask for. Just ask!

In the morning when I wake up, I am dehydrated. Dehydration causes anxiety and anger. My body craves for watery foods (fruits and vegetables). It is crucial to bring hydration level back to norm as fast as possible, especially if you are exercising in the morning. 

Between stimulus and response is our greatest power – freedom to choose.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Travel gave me a chance to get away from life back home and offered the ability to see the life from new perspective. I it so easy to take things for granted. Never be  afraid to speak your mind to the ones you love about how much they mean to you. Life is short and one of my greatest fears is that it may slip away without me having a chance to let the ones I love know just how important they are.

I am only as happy as I choose to be…

We choose the life we live and more importantly we choose how we perceive this crazy world. Face every challenge with smile and positive determination and consider the lesson to be learned as a chance to gain invaluable character. At the end whatever the reward, it will always be sweeter. 
As each day becomes less predictable than the last I have to focus on the guaranteed things that I can control. Most importantly, my attitude. I know it's critical to make the most of the little pleasures in life and stay focused on how good things truly are. I know each and every day is a gift, and even knowing that I'm facing some challenges I still feel completely blessed. When I let stress fog my sense of gratitude, I steal from myself the ability to relation rewards and the joys of life. Some days clouds may form overhead carrying rain, but with the right attitude those clouds will simply add colors to your sunset sky, allowing you to enjoy the view with even greater sense of bliss. I am as happy as I choose to be. 

Ты смотришь, как живут красиво
Все, кто проносятся вокруг,
А твоя жизненная сила
Буквально сводится к нулю.
И ты ещё не знаешь, кто ты,
Как просыпаешься с утра,
И, вроде, надо поработать,
А что, а как, а где, куда?
Вот мой совет –
Во-первых, хватит
Своё уныние терпеть.
Слезая каждый день с кровати,
Чего-то должен ты хотеть.
Возьми желание такое,
Чтоб было сложно цель достичь,
И вот – ступенька за ступенькой,
И не сдавайся, и не хнычь.
Тогда и солнце засверкает,
Тогда опять захочешь жить.
А если – нет, тогда не знаю –
Попробуй денег одолжить.

Ivan dorn
Порою нужен сбой в системе и шаг на ощупь в темноте. А иногда, побыть не с теми, чтоб, наконец, понять, кто - те. 
В наш трудный, но все-таки праведный век, Отмеченныйпотом и кровью, Не хлебом единым ты жив, человек, — Ты жив,человек, и любовью. Не злись, что пришла — оттеснила дела, Не злись,что пришла — не спросила, — Скажи ей спасибо за то, чтопришла, — Скажией за это спасибо!..
Когда удается одерживать верх Тебе над бедою любою, — Не волейединой ты жив, человек, — Ты жив, человек, и любовью.
Не хнычь, что была, мол, строптива и зла, Не хнычь,что была, мол, спесива, — Скажи ей спасибо за то, что была, — Скажией за это спасибо!..
На горизонте виднеется ярко-жёлтый свет восходящего солнца. Тёплый солнечный свет наполняет грудь радостью и благодарностью за ещё один подаренный день. Завожу мотор и не спеша отправляюсь вдоль пустой дороги. На горизонте, в тени неопределенности виднеются размывчатыe  образы людей из будущего. 

Счастье существует лишь тогда когда его есть с кем разделить…

К сожалению или к счастью, человеческий мозг так устроен что ему постоянно нужно чего-то добиваться. И как бы тяжело не было, никогда не не нужно останавливаться. Как только устал, обленился, остановился, сразу же по инерции накатит депрессия и начнёт засасывать. Каждый день нужно двигаться, и я не обязательно имею ввиду двигаться вперёд. 

Даже если вы находитесь на правильном пути, вас обгонят, если вы будете постоянно сидеть на одном месте.

Will Rogers

Делай один маленький шаг… КАЖДЫЙ ДЕНЬ!

Dec 29, 2017
После поездок и новых впечатлений я чувствую прилив сил и желание творить новое. Мысли становятся более ясными. Путешествие за рамки привычного даёт главное - уникальную возможность встретиться с самим собой.

Dec 30, 2017
What an amazing day!! The day has started with cold foggy weather, but it didn’t change my plan, instead it helped me reach my destination faster because I had to spin my pedals faster to stay warm. I was surprised of how many nice and friendly cyclists you can meet along the way. They are all different ages, on different bikes and from all over the country. Around halfway through I met this group of local cyclists that were going the same direction as me and had a chance to ride in a group for the first time. Some of the guys were at least twice older than me, but damn they fast. 50 miles behind the back and I’m here, at Venice Beach. Another goal of mine is complete. Feeling accomplished, feeling grateful. What a day...

Dec 31, 2017
Я нашёл счастье в challenging myself. Challenging myself is my new hobby. 

90% — изменений произошли не из-за похудения, а из-за развития тех качеств, которые вы приобретаете в процессе трансформации. 

Ярослав Брин
Если ты проявлял дисциплину и ходил на пробежки - ты транслируешь дисциплину на все аспекты жизни... 
Если ты испытал радость победы над собой и научился добиваться целей – ты транслируешь это на все свои цели... 
Если ты преодолевал свой страх – ты сделаешь это неоднократно... 

Если ты не работаешь над достижением своих целей, значит ты будешь работать над достижением чужих целей. 

Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

Mark Twain

Пока ты не довольный жизнью она проходит.

Feb 21, 2018
Meditation discovery:
I look up in the sky🌅 There is not a single cloud in the sky and the sun shines bright, warms me up with its soft sunlight. As I enjoy this precious moment, thoughts pop up in front of my eyes in shape of notifications that we usually see on the screens of our phones. They distract me and block the view of the sky. All I do is acknowledge them and gently swipe to the left, bringing my attention back to the sun. I am not dismissing them, I just postpone them until it’s proper time to take care of them. 
Trip from PHX TO TUCSON 
The time has come. Without much of a planning I grabbed my bike, threw couple of snacks in my backpack, snickers and set my alarm to 4:00 am on Saturday morning. My goal was to get to ride my bike from home to the “Welcome to Tucson “ in under 8 hours. Why?! Don’t ask, as I don’t know why. Trust me, I often ask myself same question. I guess it gives me a chance to get into this inner dialogue within myself, a very honest conversation. It gives me a change to discover new sides of me, discover new things I am capable of. 
Instead of riding straight to Tucson, I decided to take a detour through the little town called Florence. This added extra 25 miles to my route which totaled 125 miles and 200 km overall. 70 miles behind, after I left I-79 I faced a dead end with fence and dirt road behind it. Freaking google maps... So angry, in the middle of nowhere, without service and about 55 miles ahead of me. Luckily I threw my snickers in my backpack for “just in case” situation, like this. There was no way back for me, so I swapped my shoes, had a quick snack and started walking. A lot of thoughts were going through my mind. How long do I have to walk until I get back on the road? Will I be able to make it there before dark? All my plans had crushed... Along the way I see an armchair, a freaking armchair in the middle of a desert. I made a stop took a sit. I suddenly realized that the actual challenge for me was letting things go and appreciate what I’ve had at that moment. I realized that just being alive and healthy, being able to observe this stunning beauty of Arizona desert is a blessing. I suddenly felt so light and happy. My heart got filled with so much gratitude for being just simply alive there at that exact moment. The air became so fresh, the sun light got so warm and soft. I felt so uplifted, I jumped off that chair and proceeded along my way. Literally 10 minutes after I find myself on the paved road in Red Rock… the rest 45 miles were tough, but I wasn’t racing anymore. I was simply enjoying every mile of the way. I was even enjoying the burning pain in my legs. My watch died after 8 hours and 11 minutes, at 117 miles mark. I completed my 125 miles trip in about 8 hours 40 minutes. I made it 😌.

The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.

Steve Maraboli