Strength & Physiotherapy



Band resisted row with calf raise


Row with calf raises is to improve mid back strength and calf strength simultaneously. Mid back strength is important for posture in endurance sports especially towards the end of a race – helps maintain the position of the rib cage for optimal diaphragm excursion. And the calf muscles, especially the soleus (which is trained with the knee bent) is very important for running. The soleus excepts the load of the body at initial contact and pushes off the ground during terminal stance while running.


Raise up on toes and squeeze calf muscles in this position
3 sets of 10

Step-up with High Knee Combo (part I)


Focus of the exercise is to build quad strength and work on control/balance for the running form during the step-up/down down portion. The knee should cross over the toes when stepping up to emphasize the use of the quads. The high knee portion of the exercise is to focus on improving stability in the hip flexors which are very important in all aspects of triathlon, but specially in running they help to pull the leg through during the swing phase of gait and stabilize the spine when the foot is about to hit the ground.


3 sets of 10
Use an 8-10″ step

Farmer’s Carry


The purpose of this exercise is to work on controlling and building strength in the running form position: mid back, core, glutes, and hip flexors.


4x80s (40s heel to toe and 40s march)
Aim to hold an 18kg and 16kg KB in each hand (weight should be different in each hand)
Switch after every pass

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