To be the best myself 
To be the most impactful

I strive to be the best myself in anything I do. I approach every obstacle as an opportunity to grow and learn. No matter what – it’s all good mental training. Why push? Why risk? Why try? To make my life an interesting and exciting journey. I sacrifice comfort over the challenge. 

I live at a high pace, however, I don’t sprint. I experiment. I fail. I ask questions. I talk straight. I have ideas and the energy to manifest them in life. I am disciplined, but I never served in the army. 

Since 18, I am on my own. I changed continents, countries and cities. One tiny suitcase, three hundred dollars and a one-way ticket to the USA. This is where I began my journey.

I have an excellent education. I have unique work and life experiences. I have ideas and energy to implement them in life. I tend to keep my word and people know me as a reliable person. If I really want something, be sure I’ll get it.