Overtraining. Fatigue

Pushing harder does not work. I’m stuck and the harder I press on gas pedal, the faster and deeper I dig myself into the hole.
Mud and smoke. Sweat and tears.

I am sure there are other athletes who struggle with similar issues. I respect those who did not give up and just like me, looking for solutions.

I begin my investigation with a series of blog posts on Overtraining. I will dig deeper and try to find causes as well as solutions. I learn from this “failure” and bounce back stronger than ever before. My posts will describe this “journey” in details and Ihope that my finding will help others who is facing similar challenges. Together we will rock the sport of triathlon!


OVERTRAINING: §1 A New Chapter

– I can not continue like this… ENOUGH!– I am sick to my stomach. Few days ago, after the awful bike performance, I said to myself ENOUGH! I decided I will do something different. I can’t continue like this any longer… The things I did differently for this workout:Instead of training in the morning, I […]

OVERTRAINING: §2 Count your Losses

Training Peaks Metrics If you can’t measure it, you can not manage it. Luckily we live in the world where we have access to technology that allows us to measure different body metrics. This is especially helpful for athletes who are looking to understand their bodies more. Of course, you should not solely rely on […]