Superhero by choice ~ Unleash the Power Within~

You are more powerful than you think.
You have enormous power of words and actions. These powers are at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.
Realize that by simply complimenting or wishing a good day to any random person you can totally change the course of their day, a week or even a life.
Offer your help to carry a heavy luggage to the older person on a plane or at the airport. Pull over to the side of the road for a broken vehicle and ask: How can I help? Noticed your work colleague is stressed out of his/her mind? Come up and ask: How can I help?

Realize that a lot of people are just trying to get through the day, reacting to arising stressors that pop out on them. This is where you get a chance to utilize your superhero powers.

You are the superhero!
Use your powers with a cashier at the store or a person sitting next to you on a bus or at the office, with a friend or family member. Use it for good!

If you were to do at least one good thing a day, it’s 365 a year. What are the chances that at least five of them will have a positive impact on anyone? 10, 20?


All the stretches I’m going to show, are the basic stretches that you need to maintain on a regular basis. Ideally this routine will be done at least twice a week.

  1. Start on all fours with hands directly under shoulders, knees under hips.
  2. Walk hands a few inches forward and spread fingers wide, pressing palms into mat.
  3. Curl toes under and slowly press hips toward ceiling, bringing your body into an inverted V, pressing shoulders away from ears. Feet should be hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.
  4. Hold for 3 full breaths.

Hip Flexor Stretching

They let you to walk, kick, bend, and swivel your hips. But if your muscles are too tight or if you make a sudden movement, your hip flexors can stretch or tear. This stretch will help keep your hip flexors loose and prevent injuries.

  1. Squeeze your butt cheek
  2. Engage your core
  3. Don’t spike your toes. Keep your foot flat to create a greater stretch
  4. Hold for 30-40 seconds

Quadriceps stretching:

Running involves your quadriceps or “quads,” which is the group of muscles at the front of your thigh, attached at the top of the kneecap . This stretch will increase the range of motion around a joint and also loosens up the stiffness in the muscles.

Same deal here:

  1. Squeeze your butt cheek
  2. Engage your core
  3. Toes are flat
  4. Hold for 30-40 seconds

Glute Stretch:

When your glutes are tight and fatigued they can cause you to have a sore lower back and hamstrings, poor balance, and even shooting nerve pain down your leg due to sciatica. Regular stretching will prevent these.

  1. Both hips are parallel to the floor. (you should feel a good stretch on the foot turned to the side)
  2. You can play with this pose, rocking side to side.
  3. Hold for 40-60 seconds on each side.

If you want to feel a greater stretch, reach the arm of the feet bent up and to the side.

Adductor Stretching:

You use this muscle during any type of athletic motion that requires you to move your legs from side to side, such as ice skating, kicking a soccer ball or volleying in tennis. Stretching this muscle can help prevent and rehabilitate groin injuries.

  1. You’re on one knee.
  2. Arms on the ground, supporting you.
  3. The leg you are stretching is straight with foot flat on the ground.
  4. Sit back and hang in there for 30-40 seconds

Kneeling Hamstring Stretch:

Tight hamstrings reduce the mobility of the pelvis, which can put pressure on the lower back. This stretch will prevent them from becoming too tight and provide extra support for the back and pelvis.

  1. Kneel down on one knee and place your other leg straight out in front with your heel on the ground.
  2. Keep your back straight, hands on the ground in front. Make sure your toes are pointing straight up.
  3. Slowly move your hips back using your arms for balance.
  4. Hold this stretch for about 20 to 30 seconds and repeat at least 2 to 3 times.

Level Leg Extension:

  1. Start in neutral quadruped position: arms
    under shoulders, knees under hips, chin
    tucked for neutral cervical spine, flat
    lumbar/thoracic spine
    (engage abdominals).
  2. From a neutral quadruped position, extend
    one hip and knee
    backwards while
    maintaining spine in neutral position.
  3. Control leg extension by engaging abdominals.
  4. Come back to starting position. Repeat 5 times on each leg.

If you feel strong, keeping your spine and waist long, extend one leg back and up, as you simultaneously extend the opposite arm just parallel to the floor. Alternate 4-6 repetitions on each side.

PDF File for Print:

90 Min Cadence ~Feeling strong! Enjoyed the workout~

Repeat of the last week’s workout: 90 Min Cadence, May 16, 2019.

TP Link

10′ easy spin

1hr’ ride holding 180-200 watts
At the top of the 20th min put in an 8′ effort as follows…
2′ at 210W at 90rpms
2′ at 210W at 100rpms
2′ at 210W at 110rpms
2′ at 210W at 90rpms

2′ soft pedal then go directly into the following bout

2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 100rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 110rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms

At the top of the 50th min put in the following…
2′ at 225 at 90rpms
2′ at 210 at 90rpms
2′ at 200 at 90rpms
2′ at 190 at 90rpms
2′ at 180 at 90rpms

5′ easy spin

Using Cooling Fan
Performing in “Standart Mode

Pre-meal (300 Calolies: 78C/0F/4P):
1 coffee
1 Plantain 260g
Sweet Potato 150g
BCAA 2 scoops+ beta alanine+creatine

Pre-weight: 67.6 kg (66.8 kg last week)
Post- weight: 67.1 kg (66.4 kg)
Consumed: 1000 mL (plain water)
Loss: 1.5 kg (2%) GOOD!

Fueling (200 Cal: 21/12F/4P):
Liked it. Tastes good

Felt strong!
200 Watts were so much easier to hold than last week. Not sure if it’s because I was using the “Standard mode” instead of “ERG”. Or maybe it’s because the plantain I ate before (high GI food). Also yesterday, 90% of my carbs came from the brown rice, instead of oatmeal, as usual. Is it the thing that made a difference?
I am really proud for myself and my body.
I can say that I even enjoyed the workout.
Feeling good and strong!



Montreal ~Spartan Rat~

Spartan race is over and it’s time to sit back and relax. While still in Quebec, visiting Montreal is a must.

Highlights of the trip:
1. Mont Royal
2. Old port of Montreal
3. Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal
4. “Stereo” night club
5. Bota Bota

Interestingly, when I asked locals to suggest places to see, they mention a spa. Apparently it’s a high end place, called Bota Bota. Located underground, right on the Old Port’s pier. Unfortunately I haven’t gone there, but it’s on my “Want to see” list for the next time I come. I love spa’s, steam rooms etc.

This is not the Canada I know. I’m in Europe. Everything is in French, road signs, restaurant menus, the language people talk – I’m in France 🇫🇷.
Architecture, streets, cafes and bars.

Beautiful people! No only girls and females in general, but also men are just such a beautiful human beings. Is there is a “perfect human “ factory in Montreal? Kids, women and men are dressed with such a good taste and style. Every person that passes you by, leaves a trace of smell of perfume that could make your head turn. Without extravaganza I got so much aesthetic satisfaction from just watching people around. I’m in Spain 🇪🇸 back again.

Every Starbucks has an added “Cafe” word in front of it. I was fascinated to notice that none of the fast food places I went in for the “washroom” has obese people in them. I don’t actually remember seeing any crazy oversized people I’m so used to seeing from living in the states for the past few years. None of that here. Concentration of running and cycling people is austonishing. In this regard Montreal can easily compete with Paris. The city is an active city for sure. That probably explains my observations of overweight people, or to be exact – the absence of them.

Talking to people is pleasurable. Everyone seem to be so kind and happy. Bonjur! Sava? Mersi! Damn I like it here. I don’t even mind learning French.

Am I just seeing what I want to see? Am I wearing the pink glasses and things are not as bright as they appear to be here? Would I still like this place if I went and moved here?——One of my favorite places in the States is Austin, TX. Montreal, QB is my favorite Canadian City by far.

Round Trip 758 mi (1220 km)

1hr 30 min @200 Watts 70.3 Continuous Effort

Spent 30-40 minutes on the beginning trying to fix some technical issues with the KICKR. Power and speeds were way off.

Pre-meal: 300 Calories (74C/0F/6P)
Sweet Potato: 70g
Banana: 120g
Basmati white rice: 100g

Felt motivated going into the workout.

Fueling: 700 Calories (116C/18F/31P)
Cliff Energy Shot
Cliff Bar
“ONE” Protein bar (zero sugar) – don’t like it.
Medium Banana

Workout was hard.
Barely held 200W.
1 hr into the ride had to lower power down to 180W as I found it really hard to continue holding same output. Really challenging workout. Glad to be done… sore and exhausted.

+3 Hr Ride (3×10′ bouts), April 18, 2019. ~IRONMAN Mont Tremblant bike course (100 km)~

On May 19th I am doing the SPARTAN race near Montreal, Quebec. A day before, I’ve got scheduled a long bike ride which I planned to do in Mont Tremblant. Why there? This is where one of the most popular IRONMAN races take place in June. I am not doing that particular race, but since I’m in Quebec, it’s a great opportunity to ride along the bike course.
Mont Tremblant bike course (100 km).

IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant

Arrived to the Mont Tremblant at 8 am. Had no specific agenda for the ride. The only plan I had is that the ride had to be no longer than 3.5 hours. Studied the map, packed the pockets with protein bars and headed out on the course by myself. 

Leaving the parking lot I noticed two guys with fancy TREK bikes, getting ready to head out. I started the conversation by asking if they’re going to ride to IRONMAN course and what should I be aware of, going into such a long ride. 

I learned that they came to Mont Tremblant for a training camp. And they, along with the group of other athletes are going to ride the full course. They also said that the group will be heading out in an hour and invited me to join them for the ride. I was hesitant to agree for two reasons: 

  1. I haven’t payed for the training camp;
  2. One hour wait seemed like forever.

However since I haven’t done the course before and wasn’t familiar with it I decided it will be a good idea to follow the group so I don’t get lost and it’s always more fun to ride together. I agreed to wait and I am glad I did. 

One hour later I met the rest of the team on the main square. There were about 20-30 athletes all excited and ready to roll. Everyone seemed to be talking French – the foreign language to me. I introduced myself to the coaches and asked for permission to join on which I got a positive response. Great!

Athletes were really nice and welcomed me into the group. I met a lot of cool guys and made new connections. Thank you for being so nice and accepting a random guy off the street to your group.

At the beginning I got assigned to the slower group, however after the first 10 km I was suggested that I go ahead with 3 other faster riders. Christopher and me went ahead and were cycling side by side for the most of the time. Two other guys couldn’t keep up so we just dropped them. Sorry folks =)

At the beginning I was worried it will take me much longer than 3:15 hr, but now I am really surprised to see how perfectly the time aligned. 

How me being here at that exact time, that exact parking lot allowed me to meet all this people and cycle with the group for free. WOW!

It took me 3hr 16 minutes to do the full IRONMAN course. Have no idea of how good or bad, slow or fast this is. Moreover I don’t give a crap. 

The question that matter is: Did you ENJOY THE RIDE? Yes I did!

Could I’ve done it faster? You bet I could, but this was not the day and time to give my all. Hawaii 70.3 will give me the chance to push the pedal to the metal. 


We had a support vehicle and a mid way fueling station with bananas, oranges, Gatorade and this “Fruit” bar:

 They are 25g pure sugar in a form of jelly worth of 100 calories. I loved it. And what a boost I felt after just taking one. Felt the warmth in my stomach and the power in my already pretty fatigued legs. Rocket Fuel! Unbelievable! 

Note: Don’t be afraid of sugar while racing or training. 

145g Carbs
30g Protein 21g Fat
Total: 822 Calories 

I don’t think I am consuming enough calories. 

The nature at Mont Tremblant is so beautiful! Woods, lakes, mountains… Being an outdoorsy guy, I can’t stop enjoying the scenery along the course.

There are IRONMAN signs along the course, which makes it easy to follow and not get lost. They look like this:

It was a great ride! A challenging one.

Training 95% solo I made a new discovery and learned the lesson: it’s much safer and enjoyable to ride in a group of like-minded people.

90 Min Cadence ~7 All-time Bests. Hm… slowly getting back on track~

10′ easy spin

1hr’ ride holding 180-200 watts
At the top of the 20th min put in an 8′ effort as follows…
2′ at 210W at 90rpms
2′ at 210W at 100rpms
2′ at 210W at 110rpms
2′ at 210W at 90rpms

2′ soft pedal then go directly into the following bout

2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 100rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 110rpms
2′ at 225-250W at 90rpms

At the top of the 50th min put in the following…
2′ at 225 at 90rpms
2′ at 210 at 90rpms
2′ at 200 at 90rpms
2′ at 190 at 90rpms
2′ at 180 at 90rpms

5′ easy spin

Afraid that I’ll fail to complete the workout again. Afraid it will hurt a lot. Not looking forward to it.

Using Cooling Fan

Pre-meal (300 Calolies: 78C/0F/4P):
1 coffee
Banana 150g
Sweet Potato 150g
BCAA 2 scoops+ beta alanine+creatine

Fueling (380 Cal: 58C/11F/21P):
Cliff energy shot
Gatorade G2

Pre-weight: 66.8 kg
Post- weight: 66.4 kg
Consumed: 2240 mL (2.24kg)
Loss: 2.64 kg (4%)

200 W – somewhat ok to hold. Stay focused, you can do it.
210 W – didn’t feel the difference
250 W – RPE 8-9 was able to hold for 5 minutes, then switched from “erg” to “standard” mode. Can’t hold anymore.
200 W – RPE 8-9. HR is really high (163).
225-210-200 W – pulled as prescribed (RPE 9). Barely held cadence of 85-90. That’s all I’ve got…

55 minutes into the workout. 35 to go
Can’t hold 200 W
Completed remaining part of training to the best of my ability:
180 W – HR 156 (unusually high for this wattage) – Cad 80

Overall performed better than expected, however not as prescribed.