Stress Less. Perform at Your Best and Enjoy the Trip while Racing Abroad


Your journey begins at home, packing for the trip ahead.
Different sports/activities require different gear and sets of clothing. Below are the questions you need to ask yourself to identify what you need to pack for the trip:

  • What activities/sports will you participate in during your trip? What clothes are you going to wear for each of those?
    • Will you be going out? (some nice clothes that you like)
    • Will you have to work, attend meetings or conferences? (casual, business-casual)
    • Will you spend time at the beach or hang round the pool? (swimsuit, sunscreen, towels, flip-flops, sunglasses, heat)

Now imagine yourself standing naked. Plan your sets of clothing by mentally dressing yourself from down to your head. Begin from base layer (socks, underwear), and put on one layer after another.

  • What are you going to eat?
    • Will you have access to a kitchen?
    • If so what foods will you be able to prepare?
    • No way to cook?
    • What can you prepare at home and bring with you?

Prior to arriving research on grocery stores, markets or good places to eat around the place you stay at. Travel is tiring and there will be enough things to worry about when you arrive. By planning ahead, you will minimize chances of having to eat crappy foods or even going hungry.

Check the baggage and sports equipment weight/dimension requirements before arriving to the airport. It can cost you as little as $100-$150 for just one extra kilogram in your suitcase. Does it worth it?

Assuming you are packing for your triathlon race below is explicit checklist to help you pack. The list is downloadable either as image to save on your phone as PDF to print (link is below):

Click on the image to download