Blake’s flight to Ukraine

Blake and me have traveled quite a bit together. In just one year of life, this dog has seen more that some people did in the lifetime. All our travels has been done by car. We explored every corner on the West Coast in US, we lived on the back of my truck for more … Continue reading Blake’s flight to Ukraine

5 Years Away from Home 🇺🇦

Before the Storm This trip back home is a complete social, emotional and physical detox. This is a reset of me. It’s stress-test of all the labels I’ve put on myself, of what I made myself to believe I am, of what I made myself to think is important to me. This is the time to … Continue reading 5 Years Away from Home 🇺🇦

Close your eyes and imagine 2019 is over.

New Year gives us a chance to start from the "blank page". It gives hope that things will magically change, making all the dreams come true. In the new year we are all billionaires, fit, and happy. New Year is just another version of magical "tomorrow", where we start eating healthy, exercise, and live meaningful … Continue reading Close your eyes and imagine 2019 is over.

How much does it cost to eat healthy in Canada?

For the past 5 years that I spent living in USA, I got accustomed to its cost of living at different cities and pricing politics at the grocery stores. I love shopping at the farmers markets and would always give preference towards fresh, organic produce over it's cheaper alternatives. Moving to Canada made me reassess … Continue reading How much does it cost to eat healthy in Canada?

Icing or Mental Training I am a strong believer in the power of mind. Strong mind is what makes elite the elite, either in sport, business or life in general. To achieve great results, to brake out of the comfort zone requires at least 101% of effort. Nothing great in the world were achieved without struggle, paint, tears … Continue reading Icing or Mental Training